Under The Sana'a Skyline Story - قصة تحت أفق صنعاء

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Belquis lives in Old Sana'a, an ancient city in Yemen. An exciting writing competition is announced for her class but there's just one problem: the story is to inspire the world. Belquis is surrounded by the hardships of war and and struggle. What has she seen that is inspirational?

Under the Sana'a Skyline is a story for children and adults alike that beautifully weaves community and history with one girl's search for humanity.


"...I loved how your protagonists are two young ladies (their beautiful, historical names) and how you focused on female power and resilience through the girls, their mamma, their geddah, and Khala Khadija ...

Well thought-out plot that depicts the suffering and challenges of the Yemeni people while highlighting the culture, heritage, nobility, and undefeated spirit! ..."

"The story gives the reader a feeling of contentment and fulfillment as well as renewed faith and optimism! It provides a bird’s eye view of Historic Yemen but more importantly, gives reassurance that the spirit of the Yemeni people can never be defeated!" --Mona Jalloul, Ph.D

"Ms. Salwa Mawari has a story to tell us. It’s about two little girls—Belquis and Saba—exploring a magical city. Together, we learn with them about this ancient home, its culture, its history, its courage, and its hope. Belquis’s journey inspired me. It made me believe in magical cities again." -Yousef Alqamoussi, educator, author, poet

It captures the readers’ attention and sustains their anticipation of the climax of the story. The themes represent several aspects and slices of the Yemeni heritage and history. They also demonstrate women’s thoughtfulness, leadership role, and intelligence which dispel the stereotypical depiction of Arab women. The story demonstrates unity and interdependence among the neighbors, thus showcasing the covert and overt characteristics of the culture.-Shereen Tabrizi, Ph.D, Former Manager of Special Population Programs at Michigan Department of Education; Former director of Assessment, Evaluation, English Learner and Compensatory Education at Dearborn Public Schools.

Salwa Mawari saw a need for her students, and when she couldn't find the resources to meet that need, she created one. She wrote our narrative in a way that not only makes our kids proud of their heritage, but highlighted the generosity, resiliency, and kindness that is rarely associated with us in the media despite these being an integral makeup of the fabric of Yemeni society. This book will undoubtedly lead to the clearing up of many misconceptions. I cannot wait to see my little ones’ and dear friends’ introduction to Yemen, Belquis, and the resilient and loving people of Yemen. -Zaid Nagi, Entrepreneur, Activist, Co-Founder of YAMA

"Should be on every inclusive bookshelf." Hanan Reda, Educator

"Every child deserves to pick up a book that is reflective of who they are and where they come from. This book is a must have in every classroom library to honor and acknowledge Yemeni American students in our schools. Diversity is our strength and to accomplish that, we must be inclusive." - Dr. Debbie Almontaser, Educator and DEI Leader, Founder and CEO of Bridging Cultures Group, and author of Leading While Muslim: The Experiences of American Muslim Principals After 9/11

Salwa Mawari's UNDER THE SANAA SKYLINE shows young readers a side of Yemen that is not always expressed in the news: a rich culture of vibrance, community and beauty -- but also addressing the stark reality of war that the country faces today in an age-appropriate way. This tale of resiliency will leave your heart swelling with pride for the Yemeni people -- and solidarity.
-- Malaka Gharib, author of the graphic memoirs I WAS THEIR AMERICAN DREAM and IT WON'T ALWAYS BE LIKE THIS.


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Under The Sana'a Skyline Story - قصة تحت أفق صنعاء